• "I believe the best way to spread the word of my products is through an intelligent platform that can connect me to new customers."

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  • "I care about my customers opinion, customer satisfaction is the most important thing to my business and Sentiment gives me the ability to do that."

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  • "The thoughts and feelings of our customers are hard to know, Sentiment gives me the ability to connect with more customers than we could ever do before"

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Social Customer Engagement - The new channel for success

Engaging with customers is core to any business strategy and to its continued success. The Sentiment platform gives you the tools you need to engage with customers via social media on a personal level and on a global scale.

The three pillars of the Sentiment platform

  • Insight into what your customers really need and value

  • A new sales channel to identify and engage with prospects

  • Proactive engagement with customers over queries and complaints

Why choose us?

Sentiment’s powerful Cloud-based platform monitors global social media so that you can pickup on prospects or customers conversations in real time or via our archive of 25 billion stored conversations.

Our easy to use platform helps you win new customers, retain existing customers and get a deeper level of insight than ever before

We tune in, not only to networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but to the whole expanding universe of blogs and publicly available social and online news media.

Partners and Customers

We thrive upon the special connections we’ve developed with our clients and partners. Why not join us?

next steps

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